Dean Guitars Price List

Acoustic Guitars

AXS Cutaway Acoustic/Electric - CanadaOPEN¥42,800
AXS Dread Quilt Ash - Gloss NaturalOPEN¥34,800
AXS Dread Quilt Ash - Tobacco SunburstOPEN¥34,800
AXS Dread Quilt Ash - Trans BlackOPEN¥34,800
AXS Dread Quilt Ash - Trans BlueOPEN¥34,800
AXS Dreadnought - Gloss NaturalOPEN¥32,800
AXS Dreadnought - MahoganyOPEN¥32,800
AXS Dreadnought - Tobacco SunburstOPEN¥29,800
AXS Dreadnought 12 String - MahoganyOPEN¥32,800
AXS Dreadnought Cutaway A/E - CBKOPEN¥34,800
AXS Dreadnought Cutaway A/E - Gloss NatOPEN¥34,800
AXS Dreadnought Cutaway A/E - MahgoanyOPEN¥34,800
AXS Dreadnought Mahogany - Classic BlackOPEN¥32,800
AXS Exotic Cutaway A/E - CaidieOPEN¥37,800
AXS Exotic Cutaway A/E - LacewoodOPEN¥37,800
AXS Mini - MahoganyOPEN¥27,800
AXS Parlor - MahoganyOPEN¥32,800
AXS Performer A/E - Blue BurstOPEN¥34,800
AXS Performer A/E - Classic WhiteOPEN¥34,800
AXS Performer A/E - Pink BurstOPEN¥34,800
AXS Performer A/E - SilverburstOPEN¥34,800
AXS Spalt CAW A/E - Gloss NaturalOPEN¥34,800
Craig Wayne Boyd A/E - Gloss NaturalOPEN¥59,800
Espana Guitar w/Hardshell CaseOPEN¥37,800
Espana Solid Top Cutaway A/E - MahoganyOPEN¥45,800
Exhibition A/E - Black SatinOPEN¥54,800
Exhibition A/E - CamoOPEN¥54,800
Exhibition A/E - KoaOPEN¥62,800
Exhibition A/E - ResurrectionOPEN¥57,800
Exhibition A/E - Satin NaturalOPEN¥54,800
Exhibition FM A/E - Faded DenimOPEN¥59,800
Exhibition Quilt Ash 12 String - GNOPEN¥64,800
Exhibition Quilt Ash A/E - Gloss NaturalOPEN¥59,800
Exhibition Quilt Ash A/E - Tiger EyeOPEN¥59,800
Exhibition Ultra FM w/USB - CHBOPEN¥62,800
Exhibition Ultra w/USB - CBKOPEN¥57,800
Exhibition Ultra w/USB - CWHOPEN¥57,800
Exotica A/E - Bubinga WoodOPEN¥64,800
Exotica A/E - Cocobolo WoodOPEN¥64,800
Exotica A/E - Koa WoodOPEN¥64,800
Exotica A/E - Spalt MapleOPEN¥64,800
Exotica A/E - Zebra WoodOPEN¥47,800
Exotica Quilt Ash A/E - Gloss NaturalOPEN¥42,800
Exotica Quilt Ash A/E - Trans Black OPEN¥42,800
Exotica Quilt Ash A/E - Trans Blue SatinOPEN¥42,800
Exotica Quilt Ash A/E - Trans BraziliaOPEN¥42,800
Exotica Quilt Ash A/E -Trans CherryburstOPEN¥42,800
Exotica Quilt Ash A/E 12 String - GNOPEN¥47,800
Flight Bubinga Travel Guitar w/GigbagOPEN¥17,800
Flight Mahogany Travel Guitar BKS w/GigOPEN¥16,800
Flight Mahogany Travel Guitar w/GigbagOPEN¥15,800
Flight Spruce Travel Guitar w/GigbagOPEN¥15,800
Mako Dave Mustaine A/E Flame Top - TBKOPEN¥64,800
Mako Dave Mustaine A/E USA Flag OPEN¥64,800
Michael Schenker Performer A/EOPEN¥52,800
Michael Schenker Performer A/E Yin YangOPEN¥37,800
MLCoustic A/E - CBKOPEN¥58,000
Performer A/E - Koa WoodOPEN¥59,800
Performer Plus A/E - Gloss NaturalOPEN¥47,800
Performer Plus A/E - Trans BraziliaOPEN¥47,800
Performer Plus A/E Tobacco SunburstOPEN¥47,800
St. Augustine Dread Cutaway A/E - CBKOPEN¥44,800
St. Augustine Dread Cutaway A/E - GNOPEN¥44,800
St. Augustine Dreadnought - CBKOPEN¥36,800
St. Augustine Dreadnought - GNOPEN¥36,800
Tradition AK48 - Gloss Natural w/CaseOPEN¥24,800
V-Wing Thin Body A/E - Classic BlackOPEN¥44,800
Resonator Cutaway ElectricOPEN¥54,800
Resonator Heirloom BrassOPEN¥79,800
Resonator Heirloom CopperOPEN¥79,800
Resonator Thin Body Electric CAW BrassOPEN¥98,800
Resonator Thin Body Electric Chrome/GoldOPEN¥94,800

Electric Guitars

Avalanche - Classic BlackOPEN¥26,800
Avalanche - Classic RedOPEN¥26,800
Avalanche - Classic WhiteOPEN¥26,800
Avalanche Deluxe - Trans BlueOPEN¥34,800
Avalanche Deluxe - Trans BraziliaOPEN¥34,800
Avalanche Deluxe - Trans RedOPEN¥34,800
Avalanche Mini - Classic BlackOPEN¥27,800
Avalanche Mini - Metalic SilverOPEN¥29,800
Avalanche Model T - Classic BlackOPEN¥29,800
Avalanche Model T - Classic WhiteOPEN¥34,800
Boca 12 String - Classic BlackOPEN¥54,800
Boca 12 String - Trans AmberOPEN¥59,800
Boca 12 String - Trans Cherry BurstOPEN¥59,800
Cadillac 1980 - Classic BlackOPEN¥84,800
Cadillac 1980 - Classic WhiteOPEN¥84,800
Cadillac 1980 3 Pickup - Classic BlackOPEN¥89,800
Cadillac 1980 Flame Top Floyd - TGEOPEN¥89,600
Cadillac Select - TGEOPEN¥74,800
Cadillac X - Classic BlackOPEN¥37,800
Cadillac X - Hard Rock EnergyOPEN¥44,800
Cadillac X Trans BraziliaOPEN¥37,800
Colt Flame Top 12 String w/Piezo - SCOPEN¥108,000
Colt Flame Top w/Piezo - TABOPEN¥94,800
Colt Flame Top w/Piezo - Trans BlackOPEN¥94,800
Colt Semi Hollow Body w/Piezo - CBKOPEN¥76,800
Colt Semi Hollow Body w/Piezo - TRDOPEN¥76,800
Colt Standard - Metallic Gold TopOPEN¥65,800
Custom 350 - Gloss NaturalOPEN¥45,800
Custom 350 - Trans AmberburstOPEN¥45,800
Custom 350 - Trans GreenOPEN¥45,800
AXS Dreadnought Cutaway A/E - CBKOPEN¥45,800
Custom 350 - Trans RedOPEN¥45,800
Custom 350 - Classic BlackOPEN¥44,800
Custom 350 - Classic WhiteOPEN¥44,800
Custom 350 Floyd - Classic BlackOPEN¥49,800
Custom 350 Floyd - Classic WhiteOPEN¥49,800
Custom 350 Floyd - Gloss NaturalOPEN¥49,800
Custom 350 Floyd - Trans BlackOPEN¥49,800
Custom 350 Floyd - Trans BlueOPEN¥49,800
Custom 350 Floyd - Trans RedOPEN¥49,800
Custom 380 Floyd - Trans AmberburstOPEN¥52,800
Custom 380 Floyd - Trans BlackOPEN¥52,800
Custom 380 Floyd - Trans BlueOPEN¥52,800
Custom 450 Flame Top w/EMG - Gloss NatOPEN¥79,800
Custom 450 Flame Top w/EMG - Trans BlackOPEN¥79,800
Custom 450 Flame Top w/EMG - Trans BlueOPEN¥79,800
Custom 450 Flame Top w/EMG- Scary CherryOPEN¥79,800
Custom 550 Floyd w/EMG - Metallic WhiteOPEN¥84,800
Custom 750X 7 String - Classic BlackOPEN¥45,800
Custom 750X 7 String - Metallic RedOPEN¥45,800
Custom 850X 8 String - Classic BlackOPEN¥54,800
Custom Zone 2 HB - Florescent GreenOPEN¥34,800
Custom Zone 2 HB - Florescent PinkOPEN¥34,800
Custom Zone 2 HB - YellowOPEN¥34,800
Custom Zone II Floyd - Classic BlackOPEN¥46,800
Custom Zone II Floyd - Nuclear GreenOPEN¥46,800
Custom Zone II Floyd - PurpleOPEN¥46,800
Dean Custom Run #12 SplitTail TBK w/cOPEN¥109,800
Dean Custom Run #13 Cadi 1980 TBKS w/cOPEN¥104,800
Dean Custom Run #14 TB Floyd TBZ w/cOPEN¥89,800
Deceiver X - Classic BlackOPEN¥42,800
Deceiver X - Metallic CharcoalOPEN¥42,800
Dimebag Black Bolt Floyd MLOPEN¥54,800
Dimebag Black Bolt MLOPEN¥45,800
Dimebag Dime Camo Floyd MLOPEN¥54,800
Dimebag Dime Camo MLOPEN¥45,800
Dimebag Dime From Hell ML - no CaseOPEN¥108,000
Dimebag Dime Slime MLOPEN¥108,000
Dimebag Far Beyond Driven MLOPEN¥108,000
Dimebag Dime O Flame MLOPEN¥108,000
Dimebag Dimebonics ML w/CaseOPEN¥104,800
Dimebag Dixie Rebel w/CaseOPEN¥104,800
Dimebag Pantera Far Beyond Driven MLOPEN¥59,800
Dimebag Pantera Vulgar Display Power MLOPEN¥59,800
Dimebag Pantera Southern Trendkill MLOPEN¥49,800
Dimebag Showdown MLOPEN¥64,800
Eric Peterson Hunter VOPEN¥45,800
Eric Peterson Old Skull V Limited - CWHOPEN¥128,000
Eric Peterson Old Skull V w/CaseOPEN¥79,800
EVO Mini - Classic BlackOPEN¥29,800
EVO XM - Classic BlackOPEN¥39,800
EVO XM - Metallic SilverOPEN¥39,800
EVO XM - Satin NaturalOPEN¥39,800
Gran Sport - Trans BraziliaOPEN¥64,800
Gran Sport - Trans CherryOPEN¥64,800
Gran Sport Double Neck - Worn Brown w/cOPEN¥94,800
Icon Flame Top - Charcoal BurstOPEN¥98,000
Icon Flame Top - Faded DenimOPEN¥98,000
Icon Flame Top - Trans AmberOPEN¥98,000
Icon Flame Top - Trans BrazilOPEN¥98,000
Icon Baritone - Black SatinOPEN¥118,000
John Connolly Z - Trans RedOPEN¥79,800
Karl Sanders "The Black V" - Trans BlackOPEN¥118,000
Leslie West Standard Mississippi QueenOPEN¥64,800
Leslie West Standard Trans BraziliaburstOPEN¥82,800
Michael Amott Tyrant - Battle AxeOPEN¥98,000
Michael Amott Tyrant X - SplatterOPEN¥45,800
Michael Amott Tyrant X - War EternalOPEN¥45,800
Michael Batio MAB Gold RelicOPEN¥69,800
Michael Batio MAB1 - Armored Flame w/cOPEN¥158,000
Michael Batio MAB1 - Speed of Light w/cOPEN¥158,000
Michael Batio MAB3 - Classic BlackOPEN¥49,800
Michael Batio MAB3 - Classic WhiteOPEN¥49,800
Michael Batio MAB3 - Silver BurstOPEN¥49,800
Michael Batio MAB3 Flame Top - Trans BlkOPEN¥54,800
Michael Batio MAB3 Flame Top - Trans RedOPEN¥54,800
Michael Batio MAB4 - GauntletOPEN¥64,800
Michael Batio MAB7X 7 String - CBKOPEN¥69,800
Michael Batio ROCKET Metallic Silver w/cOPEN¥92,800
Michael Schenker Custom Flames w/CaseOPEN¥108,000
Michael Schenker Fest V Red Black WhiteOPEN¥69,800
Michael Schenker RETROOPEN¥72,800
Michael Schenker StandardOPEN¥45,800
ML 79 - Blue BurstOPEN¥79,800
ML 79 Flame Top - Trans BlackOPEN¥82,800
ML 79 Flame Top - Trans BraziliaOPEN¥82,800
ML 79 Floyd - Blue BurstOPEN¥85,800
ML 79 Floyd - Classic WhiteOPEN¥94,800
ML 79 Floyd Flame Top - Trans BlackOPEN¥94,800
ML 79 Floyd Flame Top - Trans BraziliaOPEN¥94,800
ML 79 Standard w/Full PG Limited Run - Classic BlackOPEN¥84,800
ML 79 Standard w/Half PG - Classic BlackOPEN¥84,800
ML 79 Standard w/Half PG - Metallic RedOPEN¥84,800
ML Switchblade Floyd HSH - Classic BlackOPEN¥128,000
ML Switchblade Floyd HSH - Trans AmberOPEN¥128,000
ML XM - MahoganyOPEN¥32,800
ML XM - Trans BlackOPEN¥32,800
AXS Dreadnought Cutaway A/E - CBKOPEN¥36,800
MLX - Trans BraziliaOPEN¥36,800
MLX Floyd - Classic BlackOPEN¥44,800
NashVegas Hum Hum - Black SatinOPEN¥108,000
NashVegas Hum Hum - Classic BlackOPEN¥108,000
NashVegas Hum Hum - Classic WhiteOPEN¥108,000
Palomino - Gloss NaturalOPEN¥65,800
Palomino - Sea GreenOPEN¥65,800
Palomino - Vintage SunburstOPEN¥65,800
Palomino Flame Top - Honey SunburstOPEN¥75,800
Razorback - Cemetery Gates w/CaseOPEN¥138,000
Razorback - Explosion w/CaseOPEN¥99,800
Razorback - Rebel w/CaseOPEN¥114,800
Razorback - Skullz w/CaseOPEN¥99,800
Razorback 7 255 Metallic White/CBK w/cOPEN¥118,000
Razorback DB Floyd Bumblebee Firefly w/cOPEN¥49,800
Razorback DB Floyd DNA Spatter w/CaseOPEN¥49,800
Razorback Dimebag - Classic BlackOPEN¥59,800
Razorback Dimebag - Gun Metal GreyOPEN¥44,800
Razorback Dimebag Floyd - Bio Mech w/cOPEN¥49,800
Razorback Dimebag Floyd - CBK w/CaseOPEN¥44,800
Razorback Dimebag Floyd - Lightning w/cOPEN¥79,800
Razorbolt - Black Red w/CaseOPEN¥118,000
Razorbolt - Black Silver w/CaseOPEN¥118,000
Shire Semi Hollow Body w/Piezo - CBKOPEN¥56,800
Split Tail - CelticOPEN¥64,800
Stealth Floyd FM - Dime Slime w/CaseOPEN¥138,000
Stealth Floyd FM - Trans Brazilia w/CaseOPEN¥138,000
Thoroughbred Deluxe - Scary CherryOPEN¥108,000
Thoroughbred Deluxe - Trans AmberOPEN¥108,000
Thoroughbred Stealth - Black Satin w/EMGOPEN¥118,000
Thoroughbred X - Classic BlackOPEN¥39,800
Thoroughbred X - Classic WhiteOPEN¥39,800
Tracii Guns V Floyd - Black SatinOPEN¥104,800
Trident 7 Metallic Silver Blk Bevels w/cOPEN¥114,800
Trident 7 String Wayne Findlay w/CaseOPEN¥114,800
V 79 - Blue BurstOPEN79,800
V 79 Flame Top Floyd - Trans BlackOPEN94,800
V 79 Flame Top - Trans BlackOPEN82,800
V 79 Flame Top - Trans BrazilliaOPEN82,800
V Dave Mustaine - Angel of Deth w/CaseOPEN¥158,000
V Dave Mustaine Korina - Trans Amber w/CaseOPEN¥158,000
V Dave Mustaine - Max WheelOPEN¥89,800
V Dave Mustaine - Peace SellsOPEN¥79,800
V Dave Mustaine - Rust In Peace w/CaseOPEN¥158,000
V Dave Mustaine - TerminatedOPEN¥89,800
V Dave Mustaine - United AbominationsOPEN¥45,800
V Dave Mustaine Bolt-On - Classic BlackOPEN¥45,800
V Dave Mustaine Bolt-On -Metallic SilverOPEN¥45,800
V Dave Mustaine Floyd Classic Blk w/cOPEN¥114,800
V Dave Mustaine Limited - TBL w/CaseOPEN¥114,800
V Dave Mustaine Limited - TGE w/CaseOPEN¥114,800
V Dave Mustaine StradiVMNT - CBK w/CaseOPEN¥114,800
V Dave Mustaine StradiVMNT - VSB w/CaseOPEN¥119,800
V Stealth - Black Satin w/EMGOPEN¥118,000
Vendetta 1.0 - Gloss NaturalOPEN¥34,800
Vendetta XM - Classic BlackOPEN¥29,800
Vendetta XM - Satin NaturalOPEN¥29,800
Vendetta XM 7 String - Trans BlackOPEN¥32,800
Vendetta XM Tremolo - Metallic BlackOPEN¥31,800
Vendetta XM Tremolo - Metallic BlueOPEN¥31,800
Vendetta XM Tremolo - Metallic RedOPEN¥31,800
Vendetta XM Tremolo - Satin NaturalOPEN¥31,800
Vinnie Moore Signature - Minds EyeOPEN¥72,800
VX - Classic BlackOPEN¥34,800
Zero Dave Mustaine - Angel Of Deth IIOPEN¥69,800
Zero Dave Mustaine - DystopiaOPEN¥64,800
Zero Dave Mustaine - In Deth We TrustOPEN¥64,800
Zero Dave Mustaine - PunkOPEN¥94,800
Zero Dave Mustaine - Vic RattleheadOPEN¥89,800
Zero X Dave Mustaine - Classic BlackOPEN¥45,800
Z 79 - Blue BurstOPEN79,800
Z 79 Floyd Flame Top - Trans BrazilliaOPEN94,800
Z 79 Flame Top - Trans BlackOPEN82,800
ZX - Classic BlackOPEN¥35,800
ZX - Trans BraziliaOPEN¥35,800

Basses - Electric

Custom Zone - Fluorescent PinkOPEN¥34,800
Custom Zone - Nuclear Green OPEN¥34,800
Custom Zone - YellowOPEN¥34,800
Demonator 4 - Classic BlackOPEN¥69,800
Demonator 4 Chaos Bass - Black SatinOPEN¥69,800
Demonator Metalman - Classic BlackOPEN¥34,800
Demonator Metalman w/Active EQ - CBKOPEN¥42,800
Edge 09 - Classic BlackOPEN¥31,800
Edge 09 - Metallic RedOPEN¥31,800
Edge 09 - Satin NaturalOPEN¥31,800
Edge 09 5 String - Classic BlackOPEN¥34,800
Edge 1 - Classic BlackOPEN¥34,800
Edge 1 - Trans AmberOPEN¥34,800
Edge 1 - Trans RedOPEN¥34,800
Edge 1 5 String - Classic BlackOPEN¥39,800
Edge 1 5 String - Trans AmberOPEN¥39,800
Edge 10 PJ w/Active EQ - Classic BlackOPEN¥37,800
Edge 10 PJ w/Active EQ - Classic WhiteOPEN¥37,800
Edge 10 PJ w/Active EQ - Skull CrusherOPEN¥39,800
Edge 4 Flame Top - Trans Black SatinOPEN¥57,800
Edge 4 String w/EMGs - Classic BlackOPEN¥64,800
Edge 5 Flame Top - Trans Black SatinOPEN¥62,800
Edge 5 String w/EMGs - Classic BlackOPEN¥69,800
Edge 6 Fretless - Trans BlackOPEN¥59,800
Edge 6 String w/Active EQ - Trans BlackOPEN¥62,800
Edge Pro - Tiger EyeOPEN¥75,800
Edge Pro - Trans BlackOPEN¥75,800
Edge Pro 5 - Tiger EyeOPEN¥84,800
Edge Pro 5 - Trans BlackOPEN¥84,800
EVO Bass - Black SatinOPEN¥34,800
EVO Bass - Mahogany FinishOPEN¥34,800
Hillsboro 09 PJ - Classic BlackOPEN¥34,800
Hillsboro Junior 3/4 - Classic BlackOPEN¥27,800
Hillsboro Junior 3/4 - Metallic RedOPEN¥27,800
John Entwistle Hybrid - Trans BraziliaOPEN¥59,800
John Entwistle Hybrid Pro - Black SatinOPEN¥75,800
Juggernaut Maple FB - 3 TSBOPEN¥62,800
Juggernaut Maple FB - Classic BlackOPEN¥62,800
Juggernaut Rosewood FB - 3 TSBOPEN¥62,800
Juggernaut Rosewood FB - Classic BlackOPEN¥62,800
ML Metalman - Classic BlackOPEN¥35,800
ML Metalman Bass w/Active EQ - CBKOPEN¥42,800
Pace Contra Bass w Gigbag Classic BlkOPEN¥84,800
Paramount Maple FB - 3 TSBOPEN¥62,800
Paramount Maple FB - Classic BlackOPEN¥62,800
Paramount Maple FB - Metallic RedOPEN¥62,800
Paramount Rosewood FB - 3 TSBOPEN¥62,800
Paramount Rosewood FB - Classic BlackOPEN¥62,800
Paramount Rosewood FB - Metallic RedOPEN¥62,800
Rhapsody 12 Trans BlackOPEN¥84,800
Rhapsody 8 BubingaOPEN¥87,800
Upright Pace Bass - Classic Black w/CaseOPEN¥54,800
V Metalman - Classic BlackOPEN¥34,800
V MetalMan w/Active EQ - Classic BlackOPEN¥42,800
V Stealth Bass - Black Satin w/EMGOPEN¥94,800
Z Metalman - Classic BlackOPEN¥34,800
Z Metalman w/Active EQ - CBKOPEN¥42,800
Zone Bass - Metallic BlackOPEN¥32,800
Zone Bass - Metallic BlueOPEN¥32,800
Zone Bass - Metallic SilverOPEN¥32,800

Basses - Acoustic

Acoustic/Electric Bass - Classic BlackOPEN¥32,800
Acoustic/Electric Bass - Satin NaturalOPEN¥32,800
Acoustic/Electric Bass CAW - SNOPEN¥37,800
Acoustic/Electric Bass CAW 5 String - SNOPEN¥41,800
Acoustic/Electric Bass Fretless - GNOPEN¥39,800
Exotica Quilt Ash A/E Bass - GNOPEN¥54,800
Exotica Quilt Ash A/E Bass - TBLOPEN¥54,800
Exotica Supreme Cutaway A/E Bass - SNOPEN¥44,800
Mako Bass Dave Mustaine A/E USA FlagOPEN¥59,800
Resonator Acoustic/Electric Bass - CBKOPEN¥64,800

Left Handed Electrics

Deceiver X - Classic Black LeftyOPEN¥44,800
Dimebag Dime From Hell ML LeftyOPEN¥118,000
MLX - Classic Black LeftyOPEN¥39,800
Razorback DB Floyd Lefty Lightning w/cOPEN¥54,800
V Dave Mustaine - AOD w/Case LeftyOPEN¥134,800
V Dave Mustaine - Peace Sells LeftyOPEN¥69,800
VX - Classic Black LeftyOPEN¥39,800
Z 79 Lefty - Trans BraziliaOPEN¥72,800
Zero Dave Mustaine Lefty - AOD IIOPEN¥69,800
Zero Dave Mustaine Lefty - Deth We TrustOPEN¥69,800

Left Handed Acoustic

Espana Solid Top Cutaway A/E LeftyOPEN¥49,800
Exhibition A/E - Black Satin LeftyOPEN¥59,800
Exhibition FM A/E - Faded Denim LeftyOPEN¥64,800
Exotica A/E - Bubinga Wood LeftyOPEN¥64,800
Exotica Quilt Ash A/E GN LeftyOPEN¥45,800
Performer Electric - Classic Black LeftyOPEN¥46,800
Performer Plus A/E - TSB LeftyOPEN¥49,800

Left Handed basses

Acoustic/Electric Bass CAW Lefty - SNOPEN¥42,800
Edge 09 Bass - Classic Black LeftyOPEN¥32,800
Edge 4 Bass - Trans Black LeftyOPEN¥54,800
Exotica Quilt Ash A/E Bass - GN LeftyOPEN¥57,800


Backwoods 2 Banjo w/PickupOPEN¥52,800
AXS Dreadnought Cutaway A/E - CBKOPEN¥42,800
Backwoods 5 BanjoOPEN¥64,800
Backwoods 6 Banjo - Six StringOPEN¥44,800
Backwoods 6 Banjo w/Pickup Black ChromeOPEN¥54,800
Gran Sport 5 String Solid Body Banjo TSBOPEN¥84,800
Gran Sport 6 String Solid Body Banjo TSBOPEN¥84,800
Bluegrass F Mandolin - Vintage SunburstOPEN¥44,800
Tennessee A Mandolin - Vintage SunburstOPEN¥29,800
Tennessee A/E Mandolin - Classic BlackOPEN¥37,800
Tennessee AE Magnetic & Piezo Mando - VSOPEN¥37,800


Ukelele Concert - Cat EyeOPEN¥12,800
Ukulele 6 String Concert - MahoganyOPEN¥16,800
Ukulele Concert - Exotic KoaOPEN¥22,800
Ukulele Concert - LowbrowOPEN¥12,800
Ukulele Concert - OniOPEN¥12,800
Ukulele Concert - SpruceOPEN¥13,800
Ukulele ML - Black Satin w/GigbagOPEN¥14,800
Ukulele ML - CBK w/Preamp & GigbagOPEN¥18,800
Ukulele ML - Spruce w/GigbagOPEN¥14,800
Ukulele Soprano - MahoganyOPEN¥5,800

Dean Logo Products

Bar Stool w/ Dean Logo (30 inch h)OPEN¥17,800
Cutting Board Dean CadillacOPEN¥3,800
Cutting Board Dean MLOPEN¥3,800
Cutting Board Dean RCOPEN¥3,800
Cutting Board Dean VOPEN¥3,800
Dean DVD - In-Store DealerOPEN¥1,800
Dean Guitar Pick Heavy 100 PackOPEN¥4,800
Dean Guitar Pick Heavy 12 PackOPEN¥1,200
Dean Guitar Pick Medium 100 PackOPEN¥4,800
Dean Guitar Pick Medium 12 PackOPEN¥1,200
Dean Hat w/MeshOPEN¥1,800
Dog Tags: Anodized Aluminum guitar picksOPEN¥800
Duffle Bag Dean LogoOPEN¥3,800
Hat Dean Knit Beanie CapOPEN¥1,800
Hat Dean Logo - Black WingOPEN¥1,800
Lanyard - Dean LogoOPEN¥800
AXS Dreadnought Cutaway A/E - CBKOPEN¥800
Long Sleeve Wings-XXLOPEN¥2,800
Polish Cloth: Dean Logo 12x16 BlueOPEN¥800
Shirt Dean Crest Wht logo LOPEN¥2,800
Shirt Dean Crest Wht logo MOPEN¥2,800
Shirt Dean Crest Wht logo XLOPEN¥2,800
Shirt Dean Crest Wht logo XXLOPEN¥2,800
Shirt Dean Wht logo LOPEN¥2,800
Shirt Dean Wht logo XLOPEN¥2,800
Shirt Dean Wht logo XXLOPEN¥2,800
Shirt Dean Wings Wht logo MOPEN¥2,800
Shirt Dean Wings Wht logo SOPEN¥2,800
Shirt Dean with wht logo smallOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Black Spaghetti T Girl Medium GYWOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Black Spaghetti T Girl Small GYWOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Black Spaghetti T Large GYWOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean 35th Anniversary LargeOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean 35th Anniversary MediumOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean 35th Anniversary SmallOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean 35th Anniversary Xtra LargeOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean 35th Anniversary XX LargeOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean 77 Crest T LargeOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean 77 Crest T MediumOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean 77 Crest T SmallOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean 77 Crest T XLOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean 77 Crest T XXLOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean 77 Crest T XXXLOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean Custom Shop - LargeOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean Custom Shop - MediumOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean Custom Shop - SmallOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean Custom Shop - XLOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean Custom Shop - XXLOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean Dime Amplification LargeOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean Dime Amplification MediumOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean Dime Amplification SmallOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean Dime Amplification X LargeOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean Dime Amplification XX LargeOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean Dragon Mens - LargeOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean Dragon Mens - MedOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean Dragon Mens - MediumOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean Dragon Mens - SmallOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Dean Dragon Mens - XlOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: DimeBag Stage - LargeOPEN¥7,800
Shirt: DimeBag Stage - MediumOPEN¥7,800
Shirt: DimeBag Stage - SmallOPEN¥7,800
Shirt: DimeBag Stage - X-LargeOPEN¥7,800
Shirt: DimeBag Stage - XX LargeOPEN¥7,800
Shirt: DimeBag Stage - XXX LargeOPEN¥7,800
Shirt: Ironfist t-shirt Mens - 2XlargeOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Ironfist t-shirt Mens - SmallOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Ironfist t-shirt Mens - XLargeOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Ironfist t-shirt Women - LargeOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Ironfist t-shirt Women - MediumOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Ironfist t-shirt Women - SmallOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Ladies Rock n Roll logo - MediumOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Ladies Rock n Roll logo - SmallOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Ladies Scoop Get your Wings MedOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Ladies Scoop Get your Wings SMOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Ladiess Dean Bella - LOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Ladiess Dean Bella - MOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Ladiess Dean Bella - SOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Ladiess Dean Bella - XLOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Long Sleeve Wings - LargeOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Long Sleeve Wings - MediumOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Long Sleeve Wings - SmallOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Long Sleeve Wings - XLargeOPEN¥2,800
Shirt: Schenker Bros - SOPEN¥2,800
Strap Dean Guitar Black 60mmOPEN¥800
Strap Dean Guitar DIME Leather 2.5OPEN¥2,800
Strap Dean Guitar Leather 2.5 EngravedOPEN¥2,800
Strap Dean Guitar Leather 3.5 EngravedOPEN¥2,800
Strap Dean Guitar Leather w/SheepskinOPEN¥3,800
Strap Dean H4 Hootenanny SkyOPEN¥2,800
Strap Dean Leather Padded 3.5 EngravedOPEN¥4,800
Vinnie Signing PosterOPEN¥800

Dean Magnetic Technologies (Pickups)

Baker Act Bridge BK/BK F SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Baker Act Bridge BK/BK G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Baker Act Bridge BK/CR F SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Baker Act Bridge BK/CR G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Baker Act Bridge Ebony/Maple F SpacedOPEN¥27,800
Baker Act Bridge Gold G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Baker Act Bridge Nickel G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Baker Act Bridge Satin Nickel G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
DimeTime BK/BK F SpacedOPEN¥12,800
DimeTime BK/BK G spacedOPEN¥12,800
DimeTime BK/CR F SpacedOPEN¥12,800
DimeTime BK/CR G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
DMT Time Capsule G space white/whiteOPEN¥12,800
DOA 2013 Custom Bridge PickupOPEN¥12,800
DOA 2015 Custom Neck pickupOPEN¥12,800
Equalizer Bridge BK/BK F SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Equalizer Bridge BK/BK G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Equalizer Bridge BK/CR F SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Equalizer Bridge Gold G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Equalizer Bridge Nickel G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Equalizer Bridge Satin Nickel G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Equalizer F spaced ebony/mapleOPEN¥27,800
Flathead Bridge BK/BK G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Flathead Neck BK/BK G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Humbucker adjustable pole pieces/GoldOPEN¥12,800
Leslie West Bridge MOT BK/BK G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Leslie West Bridge MOT BK/CR G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Leslie West Bridge MOT Gold G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Leslie West Bridge MOT Sat Nick G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Michael Amott Tyrant Bridge BK/BKOPEN¥12,800
Michael Batio HWOS Neck BK/BKOPEN¥12,800
Michael Batio HWOS Neck Ebony/MapleOPEN¥27,800
Michael Schenker 10th anniv. bridge FOPEN¥12,800
Michael Schenker 10th anniv. bridge GOPEN¥12,800
Michael Schenker 10th anniv. neckOPEN¥12,800
Michael Schenker Lights Out Bridge B/COPEN¥12,800
Michael Schenker Lights Out Bridge B/WOPEN¥12,800
Michael Schenker Lights Out Bridge B/WOPEN¥12,800
Michael Schenker Lights Out Bridge BK/BKOPEN¥12,800
Michael Schenker Lights Out Bridge BK/CROPEN¥12,800
Michael Schenker Lights Out Bridge EB/EBOPEN¥27,800
Michael Schenker Lights Out Bridge EB/MPOPEN¥27,800
Michael Schenker Lights Out Bridge MP/MPOPEN¥27,800
Michael Schenker Lights Out Neck B/WOPEN¥12,800
Michael Schenker Lights Out Neck BK/BKOPEN¥12,800
Michael Schenker Lights Out Neck BK/CROPEN¥12,800
Michael Schenker Lights Out Neck EB/EBOPEN¥27,800
Michael Schenker Lights Out Neck EB/MPOPEN¥27,800
Nostalgia Bridge BK/BK F SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Nostalgia Bridge BK/BK G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Nostalgia Bridge BK/CR F spacedOPEN¥12,800
Nostalgia Bridge BK/CR G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Nostalgia Bridge Nickel CoverOPEN¥12,800
Nostalgia bridge pickup with formvar SNCOPEN¥12,800
Nostalgia Bridge Satin Nickel G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Nostalgia Neck BK/BKOPEN¥12,800
Nostalgia Neck BK/CR G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Nostalgia neck G spaced Ebony/MapleOPEN¥27,800
Nostalgia Neck Gold CoverOPEN¥12,800
Nostalgia Neck Nickel CoverOPEN¥12,800
Nostalgia neck pickup with formvar SNCOPEN¥12,800
Nostalgia Neck Satin Nickel CoverOPEN¥12,800
Nostalgia Neck WH/WHOPEN¥12,800
Revelation 7 BK/BK G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Revelation 7 Bridge BK/BK F SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Schenker Lights Out Neck MP/MP mapleOPEN¥27,800
Time Capsule BK/BK F SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Time Capsule BK/BK G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Time Capsule BK/CR F SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Time Capsule BK/CR G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Time Capsule BK/WH F SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Time Capsule BK/WH G SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Time Capsule Ebony/Maple G SpacedOPEN¥27,800
Time Capsule white/white F SpacedOPEN¥12,800
Vinnie Moore Bridge BK/BK F SpacedOPEN¥12,800

Cases and Gig Bags

ABS Molded Case - Z SeriesOPEN¥15,000
ABS Molded Hard Case - ML SeriesOPEN¥15,000
ABS Molded Hard Case - V SeriesOPEN¥15,000
Case Exotic - BanjoOPEN¥14,000
Case Exotic - DreadnoughtOPEN¥14,000
Case Exotic Single Cut - Tbred/DeceiverOPEN¥14,000
Case Molded - Concert UkeOPEN¥5,000
Case Vintage - BanjoOPEN¥14,000
Case Vintage - DreadnoughtOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case - 6 Inline and CadiOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case - Amott Tyrant SeriesOPEN¥14,000
AXS Dreadnought Cutaway A/E - CBKOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case - Dave Mustaine SeriesOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case - Dixie RebelOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case - EVO & Thin Body ResosOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case - Exhibition SeriesOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case - Lefty ML & V SeriesOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case - MAB Rocket GuitarOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case - Michael Batio SeriesOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case - ML SeriesOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case - Razorback SeriesOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case - RC6 RC7X RC8XOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case - Stealth GuitarOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case - Trans Am SeriesOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case - Trident GuitarOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case - V SeriesOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case - Z SeriesOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case - Zero LeftyOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case - Zero SeriesOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case -Razorback Series LeftyOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case Bass - Demonator ProOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case Bass - EAB SeriesOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case Bass - Edge SeriesOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case Bass - EQAB SeriesOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case Bass - Hybrid SeriesOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case Bass - ML Metalman BassOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case Bass - V Metalman BassOPEN¥14,000
Deluxe Hard Case Bass - Z Metalman BassOPEN¥14,000
Gig Bag - Acoustic (Khaki)OPEN¥7,000
Gig Bag - Large Guitar (Virtual Leather)OPEN¥7,000
Gig Bag - Playmate JTOPEN¥3,000
Gig Bag Bass - EAB Series (Kacki)OPEN¥7,000
Gig Bag Bass - Metalman & Hybrid SeriesOPEN¥7,000
Gig Bag Bass - Playmate Acoustic BassOPEN¥3,000
Gig Bag Uke - Tenor and ConcertOPEN¥3,000
Gig Bag Uke 5mm - ConcertOPEN¥3,000
Gig Bag Uke 5mm - SopranoOPEN¥3,000
Hard Case - BanjoOPEN¥8,000
Hard Case - CadillacOPEN¥12,000
Hard Case - Concert UkeOPEN¥8,000
Hard Case - Mandolin A StyleOPEN¥8,000
Hard Case - Mandolin F StyleOPEN¥8,000
Hard Case - Performer AcousticOPEN¥12,000
Hard Case - ResonatorOPEN¥12,000
Hard Case -Exotica/Trad/Exhibition BlackOPEN¥12,000
Hard Case -Exotica/Trad/Exhibition BrownOPEN¥12,000
Hard Case T-Bred/Deceiver/Evo/BocaOPEN¥12,000
Lightweight Case - Electric GuitarOPEN¥12,000
Lightweight Case - EVO/TB/DeceiverOPEN¥12,000
Lightweight Case - Mini AcousticOPEN¥12,000
Lightweight Case - ML V Z SeriesOPEN¥12,000
Lightweight Case - Parlor AcousticOPEN¥12,000
Lightweight Case - Razorback SeriesOPEN¥12,000
Lightweight Case Bass - Pace Bass OPEN¥12,000
Lightweight Case Exotica/Exhibition/TradOPEN¥12,000


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デジマート 楽天市場 Yahoo!ショッピング
デジマート 楽天市場 Yahoo!ショッピング

Dean Guitars 国内在庫検索

デジマート 楽天市場 Yahoo!ショッピング
デジマート 楽天市場 Yahoo!ショッピング
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